South San Jose FastPitch Softball is one of the oldest leagues in San Jose.  For years we have been providing a fun and competitive environment for girls.  We strive for them to have a great time, develop, make friends, and compete at the highest level.  No dream or milestone is impossible.  We partner with many non-profit organizations with the hope to better empower them in today's changing world.

6U Division:

It is crucial that players enjoy and have fun at this age.  Growing up loving to play a sport at this age is important.  Players learn the basics of throwing, hitting, catching, and how to be part of a team.  Parent support is greatly encouraged.

8U Division:

Players continue to develop throwing, hitting, catching, and agility.  Simple instructions for players to grasp the idea of getting another player out are more understood.  Pitchers and Catchers training is started from the encouragement received at 6U..

10U Division:

Practices include defense and offense training to give a better understanding of the game.  As in all sports the basics of Throwing, hitting, and catching are improved as muscles start to develop.  Fun games are introduced during practice to make it fun and for team bonding.

12U Division:

Player agility training, with instructions on offense and defense situational instructions are provided to players.  Fundamentals are always improved upon.  At times camps with nearby softball leagues will be scheduled.

14U & Above Divisions:

Final stage or a player as some prepare to play in High School.  Players continue on through Quicksilver to play at a more competitive level throughout the season instead of only during the summer and Fall.